Arbiom demonstrates scale-up of wood-to-foodstuff technological innovation

Arbiom demonstrates scale-up of wood-to-foodstuff technological innovation

  • October 13, 2020


Arbiom demonstrates scale-up of wood-to-foodstuff technological know-how

09 Oct 2020

Biotechnology pioneer Arbiom achieves constant procedure functions in demonstration programme of its wooden-to-meals technology.

Arbiom, an agricultural-biotechnology enterprise building remedies to convert wood into protein for feed and food stuff purposes, announces that it has effectively reached a vital action in its Demonstration Programme by finishing continuous, stable procedure of its fermentation technological know-how above a seven-day time period without contamination or products top quality troubles.

All over the Demonstration Programme, fermentation and downstream approach stages ran smoothly and consistently, to successfully generate above a half-ton of SylPro, which exceeded Arbiom’s initial focus on. To finish the ongoing operate, Arbiom worked with BBEPP, a partner in the SYLFEED Consortium, at BBEPP’s facility in Belgium.

Transitioning from batch to constant operations is crucial in scaling-up the company’s industrial biotechnology to business output, as this achievement strongly improves process economics of a consultant commercial manufacturing facility.

Ongoing procedure of Arbiom’s fermentation method in partnership with BBEPP is a substantial achievement in commercializing the company’s technological innovation to economically deliver SylPro, a protein-abundant component, from wooden as a feedstock. SylPro is a dietary, sustainable protein-rich ingredient for feed and foods applications.

“This sizeable achievement is a testomony to our solid collaboration with Arbiom and the dedication of anyone on the crew,” mentioned Muriel Dewilde, Business enterprise Advancement Manager with BBEPP. “We glance forward to performing with Arbiom to build on this effective demonstration as the firm continues to scale-up its process know-how,” Dewilde said.

“We are pretty pleased to have obtained this most current advancement in commercialisation of Arbiom’s technological innovation, with constant operation and stable, strong method general performance, at Demonstration-scale,” stated Marc Chevrel, Arbiom CEO. “It is a essential milestone for Arbiom’s staff and companions, who are dedicated to the success of Arbiom’s mission: To direct the upcoming of food stuff output by commercializing Wooden-to-Food items know-how, as a nutritional, sustainable resolution to feed modern society devoid of harming the planet,” mentioned Chevrel.

To day, Arbiom has done additional than 1,500 hrs of method scale-up operations. By the end of 2020 Arbiom will have operate its bioconversion approach continuously at the 15m3 scale (15,000 litres) as part of the critical path inside of the company’s Demonstration Programme.